What my best friend, Loren, said to me..

"You have to lve yourself first before someone can love & value you.

So while you are waiting for that RARE guy to sweep you off your feet,

Just love yourself. Be happy that you have eyes 👀that you can see things with. Ears👂to use to hear things with. A nose👃 to breathe through. & a mouth👄 to use to speak with.

Cuz once you start to appreciate those 4 things you are blessed with,

You’ll soon SEE👀 the right guy was infront of you all along.
You’ll be thankful that you can hear👂 his voice.
Cuz how can you enjoy someone that will tell you “i love you”
If you cant hear?
How can you enjoy the scent of your future significant other, without a nose?👃
How can you kiss him passionately with out a mouth👄?

I would go on.. But my point is embrace what you have.. Embrace yourself. Value yourself. LOVE yourself.
& one day, someone will love you. & you will be thankful that you have 👀👂👃👄 because without it, you wouldnt be able to enjoy that future relationship of yours.

Just love yourself.
Life is tough.. But you gotta count the blessing you have.
You shouldnt be “unhappy” with life.

& having a man that will “sweep you off your feet” wont make your “unhappy” life better.
Only YOU can make your life better. Not a guy.”